La Campofilone

"La Campofilone" Squid ink Linguine

Made with real liquid squid ink, without colorings nor preservatives, the Squid ink Linguine “La Campofilone” will conquer you at first bite! Try them to believe!

La Campofilone" Mushrooms Fettuccine

Mushrooms Fettuccine
You cannot resist to the tempting scent of the tasteful “La Campofilone” Mushrooms Fettuccine!
Try them with cream, fresh porcini mushrooms and sausage: a real delicacy!

"La Campofilone" Lemon Fettuccine

With real Sicilian lemon, “La Campofilone” egg Lemon Fettuccine have a tempting Mediterranean scent and a delicious taste.
Let you be surprised by the egg Lemon Fettuccine, with lemon zest and juice and strips of Prosciutto Crudo: a real taste explosion!

Campofilone 100% Italian Durum Wheat from

This durum wheat semolina pasta is made with selected durum wheats grown on the hilly fields located in the Marche region, within ‘La Campofilone’ food chain.
The blend of wheats harvested in summer is aged at controlled temperature: this ancient expedient allows us to obtain a very high protein and more digestible end product.