Prosciutto Cotto Gran Biscotto

The real prosciutto cotto Italiano. Coming from the processing of exclusively fresh pork meat, worked by hand and slowly oven steamed.


Rovagnati Mortadella stands out for its traditional pink color and intense taste and flavor.


Prosciutto Crudo di Parma & San Daniele

Pigs raised and handled only in the Parma region in Northern Italy, fed on an exclusive diet of barely, oats and whey from the age of at least 9 months.

Salame Felino

Of 100% Italian pork cuts, mainly seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic for at least 25 days after being dried for 5 days in natural casing


Tempesta Artisan Salumi


This is our signature product after which ‘Nduja Artisans was named.
It is a spicy, spreadable salami originating from Calabria. Pork, peppers, and sea salt…
Delicious simplicity.Sold As: 3 Seperate Individually Wrapped 6 oz. Packages of ‘Nduja Spreadable.


Guanciale rubbed with sea salt, black pepper, garlic and fresh herbs. Enjoy sliced thinly or add to your next pasta sauce. For those who love to that spicy element – dice the hot guanciale and add to pasta alla carbonara or amatriciana.