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Italianway is not just tradition, product quality and attention to the supply chain. it is also technology and innovation. the italianway project was born with the idea of marketing its products through online sales through a completely new and ready-to-sell site that will be the link between users and the company. tradition, quality, innovation.


It’s a unique experience that we want to bring to life even outside Italy. How? By providing our customers not only some of the best Italian food products, even the less known abroad but which are part of an high quality “niche” very appreciated and enjoyed in Italy, but also the trends of Italian food.


The “special relationship” that Italians have with food is not a static but a dynamic relationship, tastes change and also products change  and we are always “connected” to update you on the latest trends. We help our clients to make them fall in love with Italian food and not to leave it anymore!

It’s a “special relationship” that needs several ingredients: the quality of raw materials, the specificities of the recipes, the delicacy of taste but also, and above all, to be able to “live the food”, just as you do in Italy.

New product Fiasconaro


Panettone with rose petal essence and pink chocolate drops, covered with prickly pear jam and white chocolate. Decorated with chocolate petals.Hand – wrapped.

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