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Italian Brands

We are proud to say that most of our products are having the same success in the United States as they have in Italy. At the base of this success there is a careful selection of our products: we partner only with vendors having high manufacturing standards and in line with our transparent, ethic and sustainable values. The utmost attention to the new emerging Italian farms promoting new tastes and flavors as well as to the many highly well reputed companies producing excellent Italian brands. The result is to create a wide range of world class products, carefully researched and selected, to be promoted throughout America

About Us

Italianway is a privately-owned importer and distributor of the finest Italian products headquartered in Miami, FL.

In business since 2015 Italianway import and distribute its products in Florida and other US States as well as the Caribbean. The Company continuous to growth and expand with the utmost attention on the market trend and the customers’ needs.

Our investments in capital and human resources are focused to offer and provide a tailor-made service to our customers with proper attention to detail, product knowledge and marketing material to yield the highest return for them. Our goal is to fully satisfy our customers’ needs and treat and support them as our best business partners. In a very short term, we created a strong relationship with our suppliers and customers. In doing so we are also committed to tell our customers the story of the products and the reasons for their success in Italy. This is an educational task we are carrying out to improve customer’s knowledge of finest Italian food. This is a must for us to maintain the first-class reputation we gained since the beginning.

"Good food means health, Italian food means happiness"

co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder and CEO of Italianway, Caleb was born and raised in Italy.
He graduated in Economics at Università Cattolica of Milan before obtaining his MBA from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK and matured an extensive experience in Italy and abroad both as consultant in top tier worldwide accounting firms and as a first line manager in important food industries at international level. As a result, Caleb combines highly skills in the food industries management models with an extensive experience of food marketing and sales tools
Caleb Procopio