Molino Paolo Mariani


The only flour with the same quality as Canada’s manitoba and a truly Italian soul!
Manitaly is indeed obtained from the mixture of strong Italian grains developed over the years by Paolo Mariani on his own farm. The quality of these grains allows for a flour of great strength and stability, suitable for long- leavening products and the conservation of sourdough.
MANITALY, the quality of manitoba flour and the taste of Italian grains.


A blend of flours obtained by grinding the best wheats of the Marche and Romagna regions.
The dough is ready in just a few hours, and maintains a long-lasting optimum level of maturation. Suitable for making all kinds of pizza and focaccia with direct doughs.


A superior quality flour which allows the attainment of a dough that is always extensible and easily kneadable. Recommended for doughs requiring medium and long rising times. It is suitable for the preparation of both individual pizzas as well as slabs of pizza cooked in baking trays.


Durum wheat semolina obtained from selected durum wheats and suitable for the making of pasta, breads and focaccia. The high quality of proteins and the uniform grain size enable to develop the organoleptic features of the final product.